From Photography To Dating Expert

I didn’t really start out as a dating expert, mind you. I started this blog as an image sharing forum. I had the intention of gathering people of the same interests regarding dating photography and we could have a community of sorts to compile our techniques and interests.

Over time, I’ve had several interviews with individuals who participated in the forum as models and subjects. Most of us photographers during that time had to make sure we had models who actually dated each other. It was debated in a thread once that to get the full flavour of a date, it must be that the couple is actually dating each other or else we fail to capture the true essence of dating.

The difficult part of conceptualising this was to get to know the couple better. Not that there was any knick-knack to it, but we’d really love to understand how much they love each other. Knowing the story of our subjects allows us to construct photographs that are memorable and meaningful.

I’ve had countless interviews with dating couples, from their inception to the time they had difficulties and the dating styles of each person. The more they weren’t shy or ashamed to talk about their respective dating and life decisions, the better we understood them. Hence better photographs.

I’ve compiled a number of recording interviews and have analysed them for my personal use. I’ve taken note of the things most of the couples mentioned particularly about how their dates sucked and why they gave the man or the woman a chance to redeem themselves.

From these recordings, I could say that not all women reject a man when they don’t like him for the first time. Some women say the physical appearance of their date that makes them stay. Some say that despite their appearance, they love the personality of the man. Some women just say that the men give them a feeling of security and trust they couldn’t just stay away from.

For men, they always gave their date a chance. Some just wanted to get laid at first, but then realised that his date was a ‘bro’ that understood what he felt. It made things hilarious. Men like women who could make them laugh and have a sense of humour the same level they have. Some men will always give the woman a chance because it often feels like unfinished business when they are the ones who dump on the date.

You see, dating has lots of perspectives. I’ve tried to improve these things mentioned here (and more, I didn’t include all of them) and saw for myself the perfect solutions to these problems. So, lo and behold, I have become a dating expert.

Rest assured that everything you’ll read here is an effective post that I’ve tried on myself as a guinea pig first. Surely, you won’t be wasting your time here.

Just give me a chance. Just like the men and women I’ve interviewed. Give me a second date and tell your friends about me too!